​​​​​​​This assignment tasked my classroom to inspect the things that we both love and hate, and I decided to focus mine on perfection. 
I began brainstorming the definition of perfection and how it presents itself in my world, more specifically, what I love about it and what I hate about it. The diagram shows my process in finding all of the things that I love and I hate about perfection, helping me to further expose the nuances of this concept.
I continued by exploring the ways that perfectionism influences my perspective in my day to day life.
Final Results
In my first presentation of this project, I chose to use ice to represent the way that perfection can feel fragile and exhausting below its shiny surface.
To complete this project, I created a book about how to “be perfect” which each of the pages exposing the internal struggles surrounding perfection. This page specifically talks about social media and the expectations surrounding women’s bodies, exposing the inability to have a “perfect” body.


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